Professional Photographer and Video Content Creator with a track record of successful projects in Bangladesh and Malaysia within different media industries from print to digital, still to video, TV to film to YouTube and now NFT. 

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Sabbir Ahmed Saby
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Finger prints by Sabbir Ahmed Saby
Sabbir Ahmed Saby
Sabbir Ahmed Saby
about Saby
Hi guys!
In the last thirteen years, I have worked in the Bangladeshi Media Industry for 10 years and 3 years in Malaysia. My experience started with Photography but ended up exploring different sectors of the Digital Media Industry. I worked as a Photographer, Cinematographer, Video Editor, Producer, Digital Marketer and now NFT artist. I also run a Film Production company in Bangladesh with several successful projects in Film, TV and YouTube.
Currently I am pursuing a PhD in Management (Film Marketing) in Malaysia at Segi University in the age Covid-19. 

Sabbir Ahmed Saby
Sabbir Ahmed (Saby)

Video Content Creator

NFT Collection on opensea
Finger prints by Sabbir Ahmed Saby

First FingerPrint NFT

First Prime FingerPring NFT

Sabbir Ahmed Saby
Sabbir Ahmed Saby
Sabbir Ahmed Saby
Sabbir Ahmed Saby
Sabbir Ahmed Saby
Design Works
Sabbir Ahmed Saby
Sabbir Ahmed Saby
Sabbir Ahmed Saby
Sabbir Ahmed Saby
Sabbir Ahmed Saby
Sabbir Ahmed Saby
My Areas

These are the areas covered in last 13 years of media industry work experience.


Started photography in 2007 with taking a professional photography course at Pathshala The South Asian Institute.

Video Editing

After paying a lot of money for my video editor of my first TV production, I started doing video editing on my own. Which even lead me to be a trainer for professional analog video editors.


I am doing Ph.D. in Management (Marketing) and started doing online marketing for different shops and online pages from 2017 in Malaysia. 

Sabbir Ahmed Saby

As a final project made my first solo video production in 2011 and started my video content creation journey.


I produced my first TV drama in 2011, after that I produced few more music videos and short films in Bangladesh.


I had CSE as minor in my graduation and have semi-professional skills in web development and graphics designing. Let's face it, this website is all done by me with wordpress and pagelayer.

latest uptades

Keeping my pace with the ever-changing world and having a long background in designing, I recently started minting NFTs on OpenSea.


Looking for a suitable executive producer and time to make my next international sci-fi short film.

Sabbir Ahmed Saby
Ghysophobia: Not a Phobia 2

Still writing, but the Ghysophobia: Not a Phobia is going to have a part 2 soon.

Take a look at my Sudden Road Trip 
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